Back from hibernation ! (hopefully…)

Been even more quiet than usual with all this recently. January exams haveΒ unfortunatelyΒ made me feel like a robot, having stayed in for days on end revising. Either way they are over now ! So I’m determined to make use of the little time I will have in the next few weeks to take lots of pictures and catch up with all my photography.

Firstly got a few pictures from my recent trip up north to share with you all. (by recent I mean October…) Stayed in the lake district for a week and although I was unable to get many pictures around the ‘golden hours’ I’m still rather pleased with my results. Many of these have been on my flickr, but the slideshow pictures are brand new ! πŸ˜‰

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My Personal Photography Review

Bit of an odd time to do this, but recently I’ve been thinking. If I do say so myself, I seem to have become quite successful with my photography so far, I’m building an audience, and people seem to enjoy my images. Yet I can’t help but feel that I am not capitalizing on this enough. My updates are sparse and new photos even less so. I haven’t blogged in months yet views still keep coming on my blog. I need to convert all this into something useful; a larger audience and hopefully become more successful. But the truth is, I think I need help to do this. I need to form a routine, I need ideas and I need inspiration. Photography is what I enjoy most, yet I feel I need to interact with an audience of my images to drive me on. I have so rarely been out photographing this year that I can count the successful trips on my two hands. Part of this is down to lack of time, yet I do have enough time I just don’t use it efficiently enough.

So I’m going to try to change all this; become more regular in my photography, right more on my blog and hopefully improve further.

With you help I think I can make it… as cheesy as that is !

Congratulations if you have managed to finish reading my ramblings… new blog post tomorrow, hopefully more interesting !

Exciting week for my Photography !

It still amazes me how many people stumble upon my blog even though I haven’t updated it in so long, in fact I have been so busy I have hardly even updated my flickr ! Thankfully I went out for my most successful photography trip this year on Saturday and got some great pictures, one of which I will share on here today, with more to come soon.

Very excitingly though, my first picture from the trip to put up on flickr has made it into Explore ! It’s my first ever time to have made it into Explore and I’m very pleased with it ! πŸ˜€

Also I’m hoping many of you may have reached me from being a featured photographer over on Peter West Carey’s blog. It’s all rather exciting and I’m very pleased that Peter selected me, never thought I would be chosen !

I’m afraid these next few months are going to keep me even busier than normal with A level exams coming up, unfortunately I doubt I will be able to update here for a while once again. Although I have been planning a review for my E-420…

Thanks for reading and taking a look at my pictures, you guys are what drive me to improve and carry on ! Β πŸ˜€

Just a few new pictures this time, hope you enjoy !

The above has made it into explore ! πŸ˜€

Slowing down …

Ok, my blog has slowed down to a snails pace now. I really wish I could devote more time to it and make it a more useful resource for people but time is not something I have much of at the moment so photography time is getting less, let alone any time to post here …

I hope to return at some point, I might update this every now and then, but overall I think this blog is taking a long term break. For now …

I’ll leave you with a link to my flickr and other social media sights, I hope to keep them going as they require less time. So if you enjoy my photography please take a look at my pictures over there. Thanks πŸ™‚

Flickr –

DigitalRev Community –


And I’ll leave you with some of my most recent shots, enjoy ! πŸ™‚


Winters Sky

Long time no blogging. I’m so very very busy at the moment. Luckily the Christmas holidays have arrived so I have a tiny bit more time. Even managed to fit in some picture taking today ! :O It didn’t all go well though, I didn’t exactly go prepared for the gorgeous light that appeared and I ended up loosing the rubber eye cup from my camera viewfinder 😦

In other news I have been experimenting with the new DigitalRev community site, it is still only in Beta, but I am rather impressed overall. It must only be a small operation as DigitalRev are not a huge company, but they seemed to have created a site with many features and few glitches. I have been doing rather well on there myself, I have been a featured member for about a week now and my pictures are some of the most viewed and liked on the site. I’m very pleased with it all ! πŸ˜€ You can check out my profile over here and I would recommend joining yourself !

Below are a few of my most recent pictures, as said before my photography has been a bit sparse recently so not many pictures for today !

I took this today and seem to have been able to get it up here far too quick ! I wasn’t expecting to get any good pictures while on a dog walk with some friends, I just tend to take my camera as my toy ! But it turned out that as the sun peeked through the clouds it cast some beautiful light onto this hill. The stark cloudy backdrop made for some great contrast and I got rather excited ! Unfortuantely I didn’t go prepared, so no tripod and only a cheap teleconverter to reach the required focal length. Unfortuantely this meant I had to bump the ISO up, which results in some awful noise with my E-420 … it was a manageable amount though, so this still turned out pretty good !

The Fog of the Farm

Just a quick post today, I feel bad about neglecting my blog at the moment, I really want to do more with it but I really struggle to find the time.

Anyhow I have entered a few pictures over in the photo art gallery competition if you fancy popping over and voting on some pictures it would be great, and even better if they were mine ! πŸ˜›

I had a bit of a struggle choosing between colour or black and white with this picture, it’s a regular problem. So I decided to pop them together like this, turned out looking rather good.


Aldeburgh and the past few weeks of my flickr !

Thought I would update things over here, fill you all in on my photographic adventures of the past few weeks … πŸ˜› It is very difficult to fit time in at the moment. The days are getting shorter and school work is keeping me busy, I am just about fitting in time for photography. I have had a very large backlog of pictures to go through, but I think I have caught up with it all; not an easy task !

One of the most exciting outings I have had was with professional photographer James Fletcher as part of my prize for winning the Landguard Photography competition. Although the weather wasn’t very kind to us, I came home with some good pictures and have put together a little slide-show below before they make it to my flickr. A different style of images to normal but I am still very pleased with them.

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I managed to get a nice picture of Tunstall Forest which has already made it to my photostream.

I also managed to get up at the crack of dawn to walk down to the River Orwell while camping. It turned out pretty well and I came home with some nice pictures, of which my finished ones are below πŸ™‚

A bit late …

Ok, so I have sort of ran out of time with my blog recently. Been very very busy starting a new school and all the other stuff which comes with school. But I have been able to keep my flickr updated fairly regularly and have been slowly churning out new photos. So I thought I would pop the best ones over here too, so as to at least keep this up to date !

I have also been trying to do some stuff over on Google + , it is probably easier for me to update than my blog so I may do some quick tutorials and reviews over there, yet should be able to pop them over here too πŸ™‚

Also the image below I have recently entered in a photography competition and it would be great if any of you who like it could vote for me over hereΒ . Thanks ! πŸ˜€

Hilltop Farm

Yes, it is Sunday; and yes this is a blog post of mine πŸ˜›


I remembered (which is a good start) although I only have one photo to share with you from this week; the problem being, I have been out taking lots of pictures recently and am trying a new approach to my photography. I am being a little bit more relaxed about it, thinking through things more and taking my time on composition. Hopefully things will improve !

I seem to be having a problem with editing in Photoshop recently, a problem which was very clear with this picture. When viewed in photoshop before being exported my pictures are appearing nice and contrasty and saturated, just how I want them. Yet when exported they are coming out dull and drab. Meaning for this picture it looked over processed in photoshop, but just how I want it when exported. Any ideas why ?

This little farm is situated on top of the tallest hill in Felixstowe, a measly 20 metres above sea level… I really want more hills ! πŸ˜›

Stock Cars

I’m not very good at getting my days of the week correct at the moment. Didn’t even have a clue it was Tuesday and I completely forgot to put a blog post up this Sunday ! I think I need to get back to routine … Either way I’m back today with some new pictures and have been putting a few up on flickr recently although unfortunately I don’t think they are going to make it up onto the blog. Instead I have something a bit different for today !

Yesterday, being a bank holiday Monday here in the UK, there was a special event at the local race track. Now Foxhall stadium is the host of some of the biggest stock car races in the country, with stock cars being a contact motor-sport around an oval track. The car of choice for this sort of race tends to be a Ford Escort or any other similar car that can be salvaged from the scrapyard and coaxed back to life. Then they get thrashed around a race track and usually get utterly destroyed. As I’m sure you can see from these pictures, its quite a sight and an exiting thing to photography, although not by any means the easiest !

To begin with all the cars seem to be going around fine, although a bit bashed up from last time ...

Then the cars begin to bunch up and things start to get a bit more violent ...

This guy had just been span round, and as you can see, has his eyes shut ... Luckily the recovery team is able to quickly remove the vehicles after the races.

This guy didn't seem to want to wait and jumped out of his car only just making it to the centre before other

The cars tend to take a beating too and this cars engine doesn't look like it will be lasting much longer !

The caravan destruction derby was the finale of the evening and there was a competition for the best decorated caravan. This one caught my eye πŸ˜›

Both the car and the caravan take a beating in this race. This cars tyre bursting hasn't stopped this car though !

Bits of this caravan where flying all over the place !

All this carnage meant the race track was left looking like a warzone.

Stock cars is fun ! πŸ˜›