Wrecked at the Shore

I’m back ! Unfortunately yesterday didn’t have enough time in the day.(they need to make these things bigger !) So I didn’t get time for a flickr picture or blog post. I did have everything planned; but a surprise job interview popped its head which confused my whole schedule.

Either way I think this picture might make up for it ! At this shoreline there is lots of bits and bobs; rocks, wood, bits of metal and lots of birds too. (which I wasn’t quite quick enough to get a picture of ) Local rumor is that a ship from the Spanish Armarda sunk just of the shore; lets say all this stuff is the remains of one !

Although, as I have said before, was a little bit disappointed with the sunset this day; looking at these it looks quite stunning. This moment only lasted a very short time, yet the light shooting from out of the cloud looks stunning !


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