Fun in the fog

Well finally I have finished my quick review of my Carl Zeiss 35mm ! Hope some of you may find it helpful as it really is a great lens.

Had a rather bust weekend once again ! Hopefully will get to slow down a bit this week as we have a break from school. The District Scout Night Hike is what kept me busy this weekend though. Walking from 6:30 pm Saturday until 3:00 am Sunday; its quite a trek of around 15 miles. I spotted out some nice places for photo opportunities, although unfortunately I wasn’t able to have my camera. Luckily though on the way home I stopped at Orwell Country Park and managed to trudge around there for an hour and a half with my camera 😀 Got lots of good pictures although it did honestly finish me off !

I just caught this shot as the people were only standing at the edge briefly. I had taken a shot shortly before hand and liked the composition but knew it was lacking something. I turned round to go then took one last look and there was that extra touch ! I think my excitement might be ruining the mood of the picture though …


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