Colourful History

Thankfully I have been taking loads of pictures this week. I needed to I was getting desperately low !

Yesterday I went down Landguard, as I said before,  and met the ranger of the reserve there. She was a nice lady (@landguardranger on twitter ) and reminded me of the Landguard photography competition they are holding. I was already planning to enter yet thought I would let you guys know of it (more info here Languard Competition). Also I have a bit of a dilemma with it. Only one picture can be entered per person; and I have loads of pictures taken at Landguard. I can’t choose ! If you have any spare time take a look at my set on flickr and let me know. Landguard Set I would be very grateful of your help !

For now I’ll confuse matters even more by adding yet another picture taken at Landguard Peninsula. The sky really did show its colours and once again I was required to ‘chase the shot’ !

Landguard peninsula has had a colourful history. And then sometimes the sky seems to appreciate this and give an amazing colourful show of its own.


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