Sunset Docking

Well back to school tomorrow. 😦 Unfortunately this will mean more work and less photography time. Luckily though I have a rather large back log of pictures I have taken this week, so I should have plenty to share with you all !

When out taking pictures I don’t normally stop and wait. I’m far to busy making good use of the time ! But this time at Languard, although I did do a lot of running :P, I stopped and waited for a change. This shot is one example; I saw the boat coming and had everything planned until for it to hit the right spot. I’m actually starting to think that stopping isn’t a waste of time !

While down Landguard I tend to get taken in by the beautiful skies and nature of the reserve, when I forget that almost every 20 minutes a new ship comes through the river to either Hawrich or Felixstowe port. This one made it just before sunset; a beautiful time to arrive.


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