The grass is green where no one lives …

The weather looks like it is turning ! Hopefully Spring is on its way which means much less overcast days ! Flowers will begin to come out and I’ll get to be out taking pictures more. That is if my exams don’t get in the way … Which leads me onto the sad fact that at some point, of which I haven’t yet decided yet, I will stop my daily upload and blog post. 😦 I’m going to have to be concentrating on revision much more instead of my photography, so a weekly post and photo will have to do instead.

For now though I’ll keep up with a daily picture. I get very scared when playing with the saturation sliders in photoshop, I used to have a bad habbit of over-saturating pictures, but with shots like this one I think I’m pretty safe to dial up the numbers ! πŸ˜›

The little house just past the green field has been completely abandoned for over 50 years. In 1953 when this whole are was flooded the people who used to live there had to be rescued; since then no one has returned.


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