Shadows from the clouds

I still feel a failure after running out of time yesterday, although I think I just about saved myself with my post from yesterday. Been trying to edit some more pictures today, but sometimes it just doesn’t work and today seemed to be one of those days. Either I have just picked bad photos to begin with or my creativeness just isn’t working today. Either way I thought it was best to just give it a break.

Although we are frequently told how shooting during the ‘golden hour’ is the best time for landscape photography, sometimes I like to shoot at mid day, just to be a rebel. 😛 I find that sometimes the results aren’t that bad, this shot for example was shot just before 12:00 and I don’t think has lost much by being shot at this time. A polarizer is  amazingly useful at this time of the day though !

Another shot including the abandoned house. The green field in front was beautifully vibrant, the long grass was a golden yellow and the clouds were making beautiful shadow lines along the land.


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