Little Draw Bridge

Went out today down the prom with my Super Takumar 50mm f1.4. It is a lovely lens and slowly I am de-yellowing it, its almost done I think ! I do seem to be having a few problems focusing though, especially at f1.4, although I’m sure this can be resolved. While down the prom I had planned to try some street photography. It’s something I really like the look of trying yet never have the guts to turn my camera on some random person. This results in me occasionally shooting pictures of people while they aren’t looking; never really makes for great pictures though …

This picture, for some reason, reminds me of some of my older pictures. Possibly its the oversaturated-ness of some of the colours, yet either way I really like it. Probably should pull back some of those colours though …

Felixstowe Ferry is a peculiar place. (probably told you before actually !) For example what starts of as a normal jetty, turns into a very long rickety bridge of a jetty. Oh and don’t forget the security protecting the glamorous boat: a draw bridge !


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