I’m Back !

I have missed my regular blog post, its rather nice to let your thoughts from the day out. But now I haven’t done a post in 2 weeks (!) I’m struggling on what to put. I suppose I could start explaining what I have been doing that has kept me so busy !

Well first of all I have been very busy with graphics coursework. The task was to make a pop up book, which may sound easy but trust me it isn’t ! Luckily I did just about finish it by the deadline and I am rather pleased with it myself 🙂

Soon after I had scout camp with the group I help with, this kept me rather busy and was what really stopped me posting last week.

As its the easter holidays, I have at least had some time to get out and about and I went on a rather nice bike ride with friends a couple of days ago on my lovely bike. And then finally I got to take some pictures yesterday !


My trusty dusty steed !

You may also like to see my flickr picture of the day I suppose ! 😛

As the sun set behind a large bank of clouds I decided to take out my larger 135mm lens and get some tighter shots. Surprisingly for the weather presently, fog still came over the fields and made for this very nice picture.

And finally although I am unable to update my blog and flickr regularly at the moment I still tweet, so follow me @chasingtheshot !


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