English Countryside

Ok so once again I missed my weekly blog post … but some good does come out of it. I was taking hundreds of pictures, so I now have loads to show you all but not enough time to edit them ! I am slowly working through them and instead of releasing them weekly I am going to chuck them up to flickr and here on an irregular basis; as I honestly can’t promise when I will get round to it again.

As I said I have been out taking loads of pictures and of very different places as I have been out and about quite a bit recently going as far away as Somerset ! Only problem with traveling with my family while trying to take pictures is that they don’t quite understand the importance of shooting pictures during the golden hour. Therefore many, if not most, of my pictures have been shot nearer to mid-day than sunrise or sunset. Normally this is a problem and admittedly many of my pictures could look better taken later (or earlier) in the day, but sometimes I rather like shooting at mid-day. A polarizer is almost essential for landscapes but I do rather like the feel it gives to pictures; I’m pretty sure this shot is a good example.

When staying at Bath for the weekend we went on many country walks with the dog. It really was a gorgeous weekend and I managed to get many great pictures. (although most were shot at mid-day!)

A little confession with this picture; I don’t really know where it was taken … just that it was somewhere near Bath.


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