Old Architecture; Modern Art

Landguard Fort is a great place for photography, and I’m rather lucky for it to be just up the road from me ! Other than being the only fort in England to repel a full scale invasion, (ok I am sort of bragging now …) it is also a great example of Victorian Architecture and due to lack of money some of the rooms are left almost the same as when the military left in the 1970’s. I have hundreds of pictures from there myself and can’t wait to process them all. They also put on art displays every now and then and this was one particular display which I found to be a bit odd really. In fact all these things combined along with the ghost rumours would make the fort a great setting for a Dr Who episode !

This room was a bit odd really. All around Landguard Fort their were bits of art work recently done. Now personally I’m not convinced they were inspired by the Fort and although I’m not going to criticise someone else’s art work; I do find those blocks a bit weird …


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