Sunset on the Mud

I had been planning this photography trip for a while, at least I had considered it before but I had never worked out how I was going to bike here with my tripod and all my other photography stuff. Until recently when I fitted a home made strap to my tripod. I thought I had figured it out. How wrong I was …

So me and George (Whose flickr you can check out here) set out seeing as it looked a good evening. On the way everything was generally working well. Admittedly my tripod kept slipping all over me, but we made it to our destination fairly easily. But it ended up being a very muddy destination. This was fine while taking pictures, even though I almost got stuck. Yet I soon realised I was going to have to cycle back with a very muddy tripod on my back ! By the time I was home I was covered in mud from my neck to my toes. But I think it was worth it …

Although it wasn’t easy to get too (and I almost got stuck trying !) I think it was worth cycling to this muddy beach on the River Orwell. Although I haven’t quite mastered cycling and taking pictures …


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