English Defense

Once again I did not get round to posting a picture last week, so hopefully today will do ? It will have to I’m afraid 😛 Once again I have been out and about on adventures with my little Oly, those of you who follow me on twitter will now of my trip to Derbyshire where I was able to take even more pictures ! The problem now is processing them all; I have about 3000 to go through since Easter. Gonna take a while…

I am going to try and go through them all eventually; only 2 weeks and 5 exams until I am a free man once more ! Wish me luck and I hope you enjoy todays picture 🙂

Landguard Fort is a great place for photography. New replicas and displays mingle with empty rooms in disrepair. It makes for some good contrast in atmosphere and some great photography; although a tripod is a must ! I only took a tiny little flimsy thing (of which I will share a picture later as I love it !) and although it was portable, it did struggle and we kept loosing the feet ! Although somehow managed to find them every time !


That Cannon, is a beast. (although a replica…) They used to have 2 in Landguard Fort facing out to sea to defend against invasion. I bet they made a bang …


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