Looking up

Managed to get out and take some more picture last night with George and although it wasn’t completely successful I managed to get some pictures of the port which I will share with you later.

Also, recently I got a copy of Capture One Express 6, free with Digital Photographer magazine. I’m rather liking it as an organiser and RAW converter so I would recommend getting the magazine and a copy yourself !

I have a thing about taking picture of people, as in a thing that means I get rather scared at the thought of pointing a camera at someones face in case they don’t want there picture taken. It’s a problem. But street photography is something I really want to try and  although todays picture isn’t from the streets its the same principle. Only by luck did the girl sitting down the bottom of the staircase look up towards my camera just as I was taking a picture. She didn’t mind either …

I really like this picture although it is rather different to most of my pictures. Hope you like it too 🙂


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