Entrance to the maze

I have been saying for a while that I have wanted some thunder and that it would be great fun to photograph; well I got my opportunity today, but it didn’t quite turn out as expected ! For about 3 hours we had almost constant thunder regularly going off sometimes less than seconds apart, it was so close to use it was scary. A house about 400 metres away got hit and is not completely burnt out. The bang from the strike was terrifyingly loud and a huge billow of smoke arose from the house. Luckily the fire did not spread and nobody was in the house at the time of the strike other than two dogs. ( of which I think both are safe ) So I may have had lots of opportunities for lightning pictures, yet it has been far too manic to take any ! Along with a lot of required tweeting … 😛

Although only one house it is shocking to think what lightning can actually do.

So I thought a slightly merrier looking picture was needed for today and I think the bright colours of this one will do quite well 🙂

Another picture from the gardens of Chatsworth House. These gardens sit within the grounds of the old glass greenhouse, one of the largest for its time. It also sits at the front of a small maze, which is much more difficult than it first seems !


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