Beach Flowers

Although yesterday I said I was going to be heading back to Landguard yesterday; the weather took a turn for the worse and I decided to postpone my trip until today. Once again a grey drab cloud came over about an hour ago making it not worth the effort. I am still trawling through past pictures then which surely must be full of great pictures still, there is about 25,000 pictures in my library now. Although I am having a problem with my digital work-flow . I recently got a version of Capture One 6 Express free in Digital Photographer magazine. I really rather like Capture One although wish I had the features of the full version, yet the organization I get along with much better. The only problem being that I can’t quite get to grips with the processing options; they are plentiful, yet I can’t get the same results as with Photoshop Elements. So I have reverted back to Photoshop and will be on the look out for a replacement that fits my budget. (I’m not even going to try the Lightroom 3 trial … )

Todays picture is a non HDR landscape picture, although I don’t think it ever needed too much processing, yet it is lacking in something …

Landguard Peninsula is quite unlike most local beaches in that it is mostly left to be natural. So plants such as these happily grow among the pebbles.


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