Wildflowers in the Wind

Once again I was unable to make a post yesterday. BUT I have loads of pictures to go through from my trip to Landguard recently, so hopefully the quality of pictures will begin to improve once again. Although unfortunately the light that evening could have been better, yet it will have to suffice.

When I first saw a vertorama being used I didn’t quite get the point of it; why not just shoot in portrait format ? Yet then all of a sudden I got it, very often the bottom of an image has a completely different exposure value to the top and the focal range is vastly different. Therefore with a vertorama you can stitch the two images together to get a large depth of field and a good all round exposure. (although I will admit this is still a HDR image :P)

Landguard common is normally the same dull colours. Until the wildflowers come out and give a splash of colour to the place.


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