The Shard of the Storm

Have been absent from my blog in a while without any real explanation; so I’ll explain. Last week I was on holiday camping just outside London and before then along with shortly after I have been very busy. So due to my new found business along with sudden artsy-ness I have decided to tone things down a bit with my blog posts and photo uploads. I’m not very good at keeping to promises about my blog but either way, Sunday will now be my blogging day. I will post a picture and a post at least every Sunday along with hopefully a few flickr pictures uploaded throughout the week.

I think I will be able to stick with that !

Also thought I would mention I have added a blog roll to my main menu with a few sites I rather like. Will add more at a later date !

While on holiday last week I was lucky enough to get a trip up the London Eye. We had rather good light for it too !

The large building on the right is known as The Shard and certainly looks impressive although not yet complete. Set to be not only the tallest building in London and the UK, but also Europe.




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