Stock Cars

I’m not very good at getting my days of the week correct at the moment. Didn’t even have a clue it was Tuesday and I completely forgot to put a blog post up this Sunday ! I think I need to get back to routine … Either way I’m back today with some new pictures and have been putting a few up on flickr recently although unfortunately I don’t think they are going to make it up onto the blog. Instead I have something a bit different for today !

Yesterday, being a bank holiday Monday here in the UK, there was a special event at the local race track. Now Foxhall stadium is the host of some of the biggest stock car races in the country, with stock cars being a contact motor-sport around an oval track. The car of choice for this sort of race tends to be a Ford Escort or any other similar car that can be salvaged from the scrapyard and coaxed back to life. Then they get thrashed around a race track and usually get utterly destroyed. As I’m sure you can see from these pictures, its quite a sight and an exiting thing to photography, although not by any means the easiest !

To begin with all the cars seem to be going around fine, although a bit bashed up from last time ...

Then the cars begin to bunch up and things start to get a bit more violent ...

This guy had just been span round, and as you can see, has his eyes shut ... Luckily the recovery team is able to quickly remove the vehicles after the races.

This guy didn't seem to want to wait and jumped out of his car only just making it to the centre before other

The cars tend to take a beating too and this cars engine doesn't look like it will be lasting much longer !

The caravan destruction derby was the finale of the evening and there was a competition for the best decorated caravan. This one caught my eye ๐Ÿ˜›

Both the car and the caravan take a beating in this race. This cars tyre bursting hasn't stopped this car though !

Bits of this caravan where flying all over the place !

All this carnage meant the race track was left looking like a warzone.

Stock cars is fun ! ๐Ÿ˜›


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