Aldeburgh and the past few weeks of my flickr !

Thought I would update things over here, fill you all in on my photographic adventures of the past few weeks … 😛 It is very difficult to fit time in at the moment. The days are getting shorter and school work is keeping me busy, I am just about fitting in time for photography. I have had a very large backlog of pictures to go through, but I think I have caught up with it all; not an easy task !

One of the most exciting outings I have had was with professional photographer James Fletcher as part of my prize for winning the Landguard Photography competition. Although the weather wasn’t very kind to us, I came home with some good pictures and have put together a little slide-show below before they make it to my flickr. A different style of images to normal but I am still very pleased with them.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I managed to get a nice picture of Tunstall Forest which has already made it to my photostream.

I also managed to get up at the crack of dawn to walk down to the River Orwell while camping. It turned out pretty well and I came home with some nice pictures, of which my finished ones are below 🙂


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