Winters Sky

Long time no blogging. I’m so very very busy at the moment. Luckily the Christmas holidays have arrived so I have a tiny bit more time. Even managed to fit in some picture taking today ! :O It didn’t all go well though, I didn’t exactly go prepared for the gorgeous light that appeared and I ended up loosing the rubber eye cup from my camera viewfinder šŸ˜¦

In other news I have been experimenting with the new DigitalRev community site, it is still only in Beta, but I am rather impressed overall. It must only be a small operation as DigitalRev are not a huge company, but they seemed to have created a site with many features and few glitches. I have been doing rather well on there myself, I have been a featured member for about a week now and my pictures are some of the most viewed and liked on the site. I’m very pleased with it all ! šŸ˜€ You can check out my profile over here and I would recommend joining yourself !

Below are a few of my most recent pictures, as said before my photography has been a bit sparse recently so not many pictures for today !

I took this today and seem to have been able to get it up here far too quick ! I wasn’t expecting to get any good pictures while on a dog walk with some friends, I just tend to take my camera as my toy ! But it turned out that as the sun peeked through the clouds it cast some beautiful light onto this hill. The stark cloudy backdrop made for some great contrast and I got rather excited ! Unfortuantely I didn’t go prepared, so no tripod and only a cheap teleconverter to reach the required focal length. Unfortuantely this meant I had to bump the ISO up, which results in some awful noise with my E-420 … it was a manageable amount though, so this still turned out pretty good !


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