Exciting week for my Photography !

It still amazes me how many people stumble upon my blog even though I haven’t updated it in so long, in fact I have been so busy I have hardly even updated my flickr ! Thankfully I went out for my most successful photography trip this year on Saturday and got some great pictures, one of which I will share on here today, with more to come soon.

Very excitingly though, my first picture from the trip to put up on flickr has made it into Explore ! It’s my first ever time to have made it into Explore and I’m very pleased with it ! 😀

Also I’m hoping many of you may have reached me from being a featured photographer over on Peter West Carey’s blog. It’s all rather exciting and I’m very pleased that Peter selected me, never thought I would be chosen !

I’m afraid these next few months are going to keep me even busier than normal with A level exams coming up, unfortunately I doubt I will be able to update here for a while once again. Although I have been planning a review for my E-420…

Thanks for reading and taking a look at my pictures, you guys are what drive me to improve and carry on !  😀

Just a few new pictures this time, hope you enjoy !

The above has made it into explore ! 😀


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