My Personal Photography Review

Bit of an odd time to do this, but recently I’ve been thinking. If I do say so myself, I seem to have become quite successful with my photography so far, I’m building an audience, and people seem to enjoy my images. Yet I can’t help but feel that I am not capitalizing on this enough. My updates are sparse and new photos even less so. I haven’t blogged in months yet views still keep coming on my blog. I need to convert all this into something useful; a larger audience and hopefully become more successful. But the truth is, I think I need help to do this. I need to form a routine, I need ideas and I need inspiration. Photography is what I enjoy most, yet I feel I need to interact with an audience of my images to drive me on. I have so rarely been out photographing this year that I can count the successful trips on my two hands. Part of this is down to lack of time, yet I do have enough time I just don’t use it efficiently enough.

So I’m going to try to change all this; become more regular in my photography, right more on my blog and hopefully improve further.

With you help I think I can make it… as cheesy as that is !

Congratulations if you have managed to finish reading my ramblings… new blog post tomorrow, hopefully more interesting !


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