About Me


Well you really are taking an interest ! I’m a young photographer from the Felixstowe area who goes out and takes pictures. Obviously I don’t just do that; I eat, sleep and … lets just leave it at that.

If you happen to have any sort of photography job needed doing in the Felixstowe area, I would love to be considered for it.

For now I think this will do but if you ever have any questions just ask or give me an email at chasingtheshot@hotmail.co.uk  🙂

Oh and take a look at my flickr to see my past pictures Flickr Photostream

I can also be found at


3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Great Blog Matt. You have a good eye for photography and I like your HDR. I have bookmarked your site and added you as a contact in Flickr MarcKC99.
    Check out my blog I just started this week http://leadinlines.com/
    I am looking for a group of UK photography bloggers that like HDR and hope we can link up with each others blogs at some point. In the US there are is a strong group of HDR bloggers that all link to each others sites and I’d like to do the same here in the UK as I believe we need a similar community here.

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