The Shard of the Storm

Have been absent from my blog in a while without any real explanation; so I’ll explain. Last week I was on holiday camping just outside London and before then along with shortly after I have been very busy. So due to my new found business along with sudden artsy-ness I have decided to tone things down a bit with my blog posts and photo uploads. I’m not very good at keeping to promises about my blog but either way, Sunday will now be my blogging day. I will post a picture and a post at least every Sunday along with hopefully a few flickr pictures uploaded throughout the week.

I think I will be able to stick with that !

Also thought I would mention I have added a blog roll to my main menu with a few sites I rather like. Will add more at a later date !

While on holiday last week I was lucky enough to get a trip up the London Eye. We had rather good light for it too !

The large building on the right is known as The Shard and certainly looks impressive although not yet complete. Set to be not only the tallest building in London and the UK, but also Europe.




Follow the path

I treated myself yesterday. After a couple of years coping with various tripods, either cheap or ancient; I finally brought myself a brand new one. So now I have a lovely Giottos MTL 9361B and MH5001 three way head. Originally I wanted something light, but as my budget restricted me, I settled for this. It is rock solid and easily supports my 300mm lens at shutter speeds of a couple of seconds. Hopefully my pictures should be noticeably sharper now ! 😀

I really love this composition, and don’t believe I have never used it before. But by the time I noticed it, the light wasn’t quite right. Hopefully will be able to return another time to capture the scene even better.


As I mentioned yesterday the voting for the Landguard photography competition is now open and today’s picture is my entry. So if you like my picture it would be great if you could vote for it as one of your three votes over here. Thanks ! 😀

Landguard peninsula has thankfully been saved from the ever expanding port, for now at least. But you are left with a strong juxtaposition; a nature reserve of special scientific interest due to its rare vegetated shingle habitat, right next to the largest container port in the UK. It’s great !

Industrial Sunset

I have been very busy the past few days. Although it has been my own fault. The deadline for the Landguard photography competition was last night, so I spent all evening editing pictures from the peninsula and then had to narrow down all 56, to just one to enter. It was tough. But I just about managed it and entered my picture with 45 minutes until the deadline ! Public voting for the competition starts tomorrow and it would be great if as many people as possible voted for their favourite pictures here 🙂

Today’s picture is one taken at Landguard although not the picture I have entered in the competition, personally I think it is too hard hitting for a calender and probably not what the judges are looking for; although I really like it myself !

The sun sets over the River Orwell while the cranes of the Port of Felixstowe watch over the river.

Left Behind

I have been struggling with my photography recently, at least I feel like I have been. I personally feel as if the standard of my pictures has been dropping and getting a picture up here everyday is becoming more and more of a struggle. Hopefully I’m just having a creative blip, or just being far too pessimistic. Either way I think today’s picture is an improvement on recent pictures and lets hope I carry on improving !

Along the shore of Felixstowe we find lots of driftwood and other debris, presumably it is from some of the many ships that have came into the port over the last 100 years. This bit of wood was most probably left over by the military though, as this land used to be a firing range.

Wildflowers in the Wind

Once again I was unable to make a post yesterday. BUT I have loads of pictures to go through from my trip to Landguard recently, so hopefully the quality of pictures will begin to improve once again. Although unfortunately the light that evening could have been better, yet it will have to suffice.

When I first saw a vertorama being used I didn’t quite get the point of it; why not just shoot in portrait format ? Yet then all of a sudden I got it, very often the bottom of an image has a completely different exposure value to the top and the focal range is vastly different. Therefore with a vertorama you can stitch the two images together to get a large depth of field and a good all round exposure. (although I will admit this is still a HDR image :P)

Landguard common is normally the same dull colours. Until the wildflowers come out and give a splash of colour to the place.


Another overused composition of mine, I blame going to the same place to often …

The setting sun looks like a fireball in the sky across the river Orwell.

Village Church

The weather is looking hopeful for me to be able to get down to Landguard tonight ! Fingers crossed everyone ! 😛

This beautiful little church sits in a small village somewhere near Bath. I wish I had a wider lens and could have fit more of the tree on the right in, but I think this still does it justice.

Bad Breath Forest

I completely ran out of time yesterday for a blog post or flickr upload… I need to get a reserve up I think, just in case ! I’m also considering dropping my blog posts to one a week, while keeping my flickr upload to one a day. I just don’t have enough interesting things to talk about everyday !


This part of the small wood on our walk smelt very strongly of Garlic, as each of the white flowers is a wild garlic plant.

Showing Off

Just a quick post but I thought I would mention that I am now on which is a nice little directory of photoblogs and it would be great if you could like my blog over there. 

This squirrel was for to confident for its own good and had clearly worked out how best to get food from people walking around the gardens.

This little fella seemed to like posing for the camera, although my camera didn’t like focusing so close !